Raja Ogirala founded the company in January 1990. Licensed in all lines of insurance, started his career at New York life insurance company, Brooklyn Heights, New York in April 1976. Upon successful completion of all aspects of Life Insurance, Annuities, Financial Planning, he served as a consultant for Medico Insurance planning service of New York doing Estate planning for physicians.

Late 70’s he was appointed as Regional Director for Stat Medicals, New York providing pre-screening medical and para medical reports for top life insurance companies like Metropolitan, New York and John Hancock life insurance companies, Etc.

Moved to Los Angeles, California in early 80’s and served as VP Marketing with Systemic Insurance Review.

In 1988 Mr.Ogirala decided to further explore the Property & Causality market. Between 1998 to 2002 he also owned and operated an Allstate Insurance Company store which he started.